The attractive features of the latest smartwatch Versa 2


SEP 14, 2019 AT 10:16 AM

Regular updates of fitness trackers gadgets from top brands like Apple, Samsung and Fitbit encourage many people to keep up-to-date with these products. Fitbit has recently launched the smartwatch Versa 2 which comes with an array of exclusive features. This smartwatch is designed particularly for improving the overall fitness of every user on a regular basis. It is the suitable time for exploring the features and benefits of this smartwatch the Fitbit versa 2 special editions.

Different color options

There are three color variants of the Versa 2. These colors are petal with the copper rose aluminium, stone with a misty grey and black with a Carbon case. The special edition of this smartwatch is available only in two colors namely navy pink woven with the copper rose aluminium and smoke woven with the mist grey aluminium. Alexa is a voice assistant of Amazon. Users of this fitness tracker can activate this interesting in-built feature by long-pressing the side button. They cannot hear any voice as this smartwatch does not have any speaker. They have to use texts to communicate.  

Attractive features

Many people who have bought this smartwatch can subscribe the premium service of Fitbit. They get an array of favourable things from the personalized healthcare guidance and keep track of their health and fitness as expected. They can get the wellness report and show such report to their doctor. They are happy to use the app Spotify to connect the app on their phone. They are amazed about how this product acts like the Bluetooth remote for the Spotify app. Sleep score is an important feature of this app. Every user of this personalized sleep score for every night gets more than expected benefits. They keep track of their sleep data and put their Smartwatch on the sleep mode for reducing the overall interruptions when they catch up on rest.

Explore the main features 

The Fitbit Aria Air is a Bluetooth-enabled scale used to track the weight and body mass index of the user. This feature satisfies every user of this smartwatch with the Fitbit premium service. Advancements in the overall design and development of the fitness trackers these days encourage fitness-conscious people worldwide to directly identify and purchase one of these products. You can pay attention to every feature of this smartwatch right now and decide on how to successfully reap benefits from a proper use of this product.

The foremost benefits   

It is the right time to take note of important reasons behind the overall popularity of this smartwatch. You can pay attention to the lightweight and comfortable design of this product. You will be amazed about its extraordinary design and encouraged to own it. This smart watch has week-long battery life. The bright screen in this smart watch is very helpful to users who like to see the display outdoors without difficulty in any aspect. Fitness and sleep tracking features in this product give an array of benefits to all users. Android users reap benefits from the voice replies in this smart watch.